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AP Racing are one of the leading manufacturers of performance brake and clutch systems for both road and race cars. A brand name everybody in the Motorsports industry has heard of! The main range from AP consists of brake discs, pads, calipers, master cylinders, clutches and pedal boxes, focusing on road and competition.

Based in Coventry, AP Racing have achieved more international sporting success than any of its rivals, establishing itself as a key supplier at all levels of international motorsport formulae, including single seat racing, rallying, sports car racing, stock car racing and touring cars. In 2011 alone, AP Racing supplied either brakes, clutches or both to 30 champions across the entire spectrum of the motorsport world. Whether its track, armoured, military or even hybrid you’ll find AP pushing the braking and clutch boundaries.

AP Racing Brakes

AP Racing Formula big brake kits have been designed complete and ready to fit, suitable for fast road use, motorsport and track days. Offering the highest standard of braking to increase stopping power, braking distance and reducing brake fade. The usual kit consists of 2x 6/4 pot calipers, 2x diameter discs, brakelines, mounting brackets, brake pads and AP Racing brake fluid.

Covering a huge chunk of European, Japanese and American models, if you’re searching for brakes that can performance in all circumstances, then AP Racing are for you.

AP Big Brake Kit

AP Racing Radical

AP Racing Big Brake Kits
Carefully chosen piston sizes
Seamless integration with OEM ABS
Simple ready to go, bolt on installation
4 or 6 piston calipers – red,  black or silver
High temperature piston sealsNo anti-knockback piston springs
Varying discs, slot or drilled patterns
Designed to fit OEM wheels
Fixed or floating anodized aluminum disc hats

Brake Calipers

Probably the most popular and well known products AP offer are their calipers. Easily remembered by their gloss red or black paint and the famous AP Racing logo highlighted. With a huge comprehensive range, AP can offer you a brake caliper suitable for almost every level of Motorsport and application. The latest calipers released by AP, back in 2015, brought us the ‘Radi-CAL’ range. The radical design has pushed science even further and broke many expectations with a massive stiffness increase, considerable mass reduction, optimized airflow and of course… the strange alien look!


The clutches in the AP Racing Special Tuning range are up-rated units usually based on standard production items. They are intended for applications where a higher than standard level of performance is required, e.g. in competition use or where the engine / vehicle performance has been increased. To help select a suitable clutch cover assembly or driven plate, the application is given as Road, Road/Competition or Competition.

Suitable for standard or lightly modified vehicles, organic faced driven plates.

Suitable for more highly modified vehicles and light competition, organic faced driven plates.
Suitable for competition use, cerametallic (paddle) driven plates either sprung centre (S/C) or rigid.
In most cases the clutches in this range can be fitted to the original flywheel without modification and the standard release mechanism is retained but there are exceptions. The two main elements of a clutch are the Cover Assembly (sometimes referred to as Cover, Pressure Plate or Mechanism) and the Driven Plate (Organic or Ceremetallic) which must be compatible with each other to provide satisfactory overall clutch performance.

Formula Clutch Kits

The AP Racing Formula Clutch Kit range has been specifically designed to meet the demands of modified high performance vehicles, utilising the latest technology developed from their racing clutch ranges.

More power at one end and better grip at the other means you need a clutch that can deliver, without slip. Everything you need to improve your engine’s power delivery, you’ll find in the box! From AP Racing, the choice of Champions.

AP Racing Prices

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